About Our Clinic

At The Bradley Clinic we strive to provide the best care for our patients. We are a one stop clinic for all your Joint, Muscle & Spinal Care needs. We offer Registered Chiropractic Care.


The Chiropractors who provide care in, The Bradley Clinic, are the  only Chiropractors registered with the Chiropractic Association of Ireland (CAI) in Counties Leitrim & Longford.


We use a unique approach to treat nerve, muscle and joint (neuromusculoskeletal) conditions with the sole aim of getting our patients better. What is most important to us, is to see our patients getting results.


Chiropractic care is covered by VHI, Aviva, Laya Healthcare, GAA Injury Scheme and Garda Society Health.


The Bradley Clinic continues to grow and thrive, and looks forward to providing professional health care to the people of Leitrim, Longford and surrounding areas.