Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

The Carpal Tunnel is a structure on the wrist which comprises of carpal bones, a ligament sheath and the most important part of the tunnel is the median nerve. This nerve is the structure that becomes compressed causing the signs and symptoms into the hand and wrist.

The injury tends to happen when either the ligament structure around the wrist, i.e. the flexor retinaculum, becomes damaged or sprained, or when the carpal bones become restricted and increase pressure around the median nerve. The median nerve provides stimulus to the thumb and second, third and fourth digits. It can also be described as a repetitive stress injury to the wrist.

Signs and Symptoms

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause:

  • Sharp stabbing pain into the thumb or palm of the hand

  • Pins and Needles into the thumb or palm of the hand

  • Nerve pain (Pain that begins from the wrist and runs down the finger tips in a specific pattern)

  • Dull aches in the one area

  • Muscular cramping of the thumb and hand

  • Pain when sleeping

  • Numbness or “deadness” into the hand

  • Stiffness in motion of the hand

  • Difficulty gripping or holding objects