Inver Geal
Carrick on Shannon

1 Keon's Terrace
Longford Town


Green Policy

We are committed to minimizing our paper consumption. We operate a full computerized filing and booking system, eliminating the need for paper files. We supply receipts only upon request and we ensure our paper is recycled.

We use individual hand towels in all of our facilities to ensure that no paper drying towels are used.

Economic Recovery Policy

Since we have opened, Bradley Clinic (a Branch Healthcare company) has employed 10 people, 5 part time and 5 full time staff members. All of our staff are fully registered and pay contributions to income levies, PAYE and PRSI. As a company Branch Healthcare is fully registered for Corporation Tax.

Our policy on goods and services is to buy local, from our stationary supplies to any works carried out in the clinic. We currently have an electrician, painter, handyman, cleaner and computer technician all supplied locally within the Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon Areas.

Bradley Clinic currently rents 2 commercial properties and is in the process of securing its 3rd and 4th for various projects and continues to purposely reinvest its income in the local areas.