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Whiplash injuries happen when the body is suddenly jolted or thrust forward at a high speed wherein the neck is “whipped” forward and back at high force.  As the neck is such a delicate structure with minimal support surrounding it, it’s easily injured and actions like the one just described can cause tearing of ligaments and muscles of the neck as well as misalignment of the spine and damage of the discs.

Signs and Symptoms:

Whiplash generally causes:

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Stiffness in the joints of the neck
Muscular pain
Headaches that can radiate form the base of your skull to your forehead and behind your eyes
Nerve pain (pain that radiates from your neck down your arms)

How does Chiropractic care and Physiotherapy help?

Chiropractic care focuses on the realignment of the spine and extremities, which removes any tension or pressure off nerves.  It improves the movement of the joints affected during whiplash injuries, as well as relaxing any muscles tightened during the accident.

Physiotherapy uses soft tissue techniques to decrease pain and sensitivity in the affected area along with an exercise programme to restore full function. Electrotherapy may be used by the practitioners if the problem is acute, and can assist in pain relief of the soft tissues of the surrounding affected area