Neck Pain

Neck Pain

In recent years neck pain has become more prevalent among the public for a very different reason than before. In earlier years people experienced neck pain due to manual labour and lifting wrongly. Nowadays neck pain appears to be more as a result of sitting at computer screens with heads flexed forwards. This action when repetitively performed can begin to cause permanent changes in the cervical spine, i.e. the neck. Joints in the neck are at their weakest when flexed forward therefore continuously doing this action allows muscles in the neck to become tight and weak, and can cause, “locking”, of the joints.

Perfect head posture is achieved when our earlobe and shoulder are directly in line causing a mild curve in our neck.

We should focus on ideal head posture when driving, sitting, standing and sleeping. Although this may sound like a task, when we put these good habits into action they become second nature to us in the long term.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Stiffness

  • Tightness in the shoulders

  • Pains into the back of the head

  • Headaches into the forehead and behind the eyes

  • Tingling and pins and needles into the hands

  • “Dead or heavy”, feeling in the arms

  • Localised pain in the neck or where the neck and shoulder join